Brand new founders has actually due to the fact affirmed one the woman is in reality pansexual

Imogen Moreno was a scholar regarding Degrassi Society College or university from the Group of 2014. Fun, productive, having a magnetic browse and you will intense look – Imogen perform dislike for everyone to trust this woman is dull, thus she would go to great lengths to face out of the crowd. She puts into the airs to be an enthusiastic enlightened private, if it is extremely a tactic to control those individuals as much as the girl. She worries 1 day anyone will discover the woman miracle; this woman is a frequent son looking adventure in her lifetime.

During the girl older year, by using Fiona, she has be more social, and less awkward and eccentric. She continues to clothe themselves in her unique concept and you will strongly recommend her in love details, however, has actually considerably toned down the girl browse and made an extensive circle off loved ones. Imogen as well as turned into a great deal more rebellious and you may big down to learning the girl dad, Louis Moreno, has dementia being bitterly reunited with her estranged mommy, Natalie Granger.

Imogen is assumed to be pansexual to possess this lady has demonstrated herself while the preference „people“ features old Eli, Fiona, and you will Jack, along with an effective crush into Adam. She’s best friends which have Eli Goldsworthy, Fiona Coyne and you may Becky Baker, and you will good friends which have Bianca DeSousa. She got a fling which have pal Adam Torres soon ahead of the guy died. A lot more nearest and dearest of hers is Drew Torres, Mike Dallas, Jake Martin, Zig Novak, Maya Matlin, Winston Chu chatiw dating site, and you will Mo Mashkour. She had conflicts having Marisol Lewis and you will Katie Matlin. Imogen are a member of the latest band, WhisperHug before it broke up. She try represented by Cristine Prosperi.

Year 11

Imogen is said in What is actually My Decades Again? when she is read becoming entitled to get results along the intercom.

Character Background

Within the Scream Me A lake (1), she is during the Drama Pub which have Eli and Fiona. She first recognizes Fiona because of the asking „Aren’t you from inside the amounts 12?“ Ms. Dawes in the future says to the category to view groups of five. Whenever Fiona requires when there is area to own by herself, Imogen replies one their class is actually complete.

Inside Cry Myself A lake (2), Imogen is seen in drama class. Whenever Fiona mentions trying easily fit in and you will perception by yourself, Imogen is seen lookin down during the a responsible fashion. In addition to, when Fiona claims you to Eli is the greatest journalist about classification, Imogen rapidly responds having „Naturally.“ Embarrassed from the the lady outburst, she rapidly seems down. She is along with the earliest to improve the lady give indicating your just like the writer.

In Dirt Out of Their Neck (1), Imogen is visible about background a couple of times, constantly seeing Eli. After, Imogen is visible enjoying Eli on the pc research. When Eli will get upset you to Clare is talking-to Jake, the guy sets the display on to the ground. Imogen rushes over to your and you can once she notices Ms. Oh, she throws by herself on the flooring, therefore so it’s come one to she tripped over the pc display screen cables, knocking the display with the floor. Ms. Oh expenditures Imogen’s tale and you will requires the girl to the nurse’s place of work to alleviate her soft nose. Later, Imogen leaves this new nurse’s work environment, and you can Eli asks this lady in the event the this woman is okay. She flirts having your and raises herself in order to him. Imogen asks Eli what type of pills he’s providing, in which he informs this lady he’s towards the anxiety procedures. Imogen implies that their therapy will be what is dulling his creating. Adam arrives more than and requires what’s going on, and you can Imogen comically says to him that Eli punched the lady on deal with, next strolls out. Once the she actually is walking, Adam phone calls their a good psycho and you will Eli merely looks towards their advice.