When you look at the Chile, we label the fresh act away from seated for eating and you may take in beverage in the middle-day “having 11” (“tomar Once”)

Director’s declaration:

Among the many mythology towards dating sites for Straight adults supply from the expression was out of towards the the end of brand new XIX century, and you may tells of a keen eleven-affiliate ladies club you to gained to own conversation, most of the afternoon, as much as teacups and you will pastries. Beverage Big date, new documentary, feels as though it facts, therefore captures a great transversal public custom that takes place after all many years and you will societal extracts; it is, although not, a good rite which is perishing. It once was another during the day where family and friends attained to express; these types of girls continue to do therefore each day, so that as a team monthly, to possess sixty age. Even though they was required to survive various historic and you will political changes. Even with high differences in how they deal with such transform, it looks important to us to tell you how they were able to dispute whilst still being love one another. Relationship has made them transcend divergences, due to the lingering collecting around the desk. Through this group of female, liberal and you will traditional, the various way of thinking that will exists in every provided people try depicted, in many cases they will not concur otherwise arrived at opinion nonetheless they perform present dialog and you can esteem. Due to the fact grandchild of one of the letters, I have already been watching so it month-to-month rite due to the fact youngsters. I want to share with this story just like the I believe contained in this microworld is illustrated personal and you may political variations with lived in Chile. These people lived an occasion where part of women changed completely. He’s got always adapted to help you alter and after this nonetheless do not throw in the towel, looking brand new ventures which can be inevitably the fresh, and representing a unique brand of ageing, that spite out of issues and approaching demise, they play the role of totally active.


Half dozen earlier female religiously gather for beverage, once per month, for the past 60 many years. On these meetings, it attempt to research their very best, jovial, as if that they had the whole life before him or her, seeking to briefly hide the fact time are invariably passage to them. Inside the table, they make an endeavor to have one thing to share with, not to wade unnoticed, exhibiting he or she is nevertheless up-to-go out. It invest the big date interpreting current circumstances and styles as to what anybody else, or the Television, keeps told him or her. Even with maybe not understanding some trend, they comment on these with absolute authority, seeking identify them to both. During these teatime gatherings it discover, for-instance, who is Madonna, exactly what are swingers, and you may exactly what “chill,” “humping,” and you can “making out,” suggest. Whenever there are inaccuracies, this is the individual histories that come away and you will high light the fresh new differences away from advice. Even with a familiar training into the a religious college, they’d to live on as a consequence of a period of major historical changes you to provoked polarizations for the category: specific had entry to degree, other people plumped for getting homemakers; specific made use of contraceptives, someone else turned into widows prior to access him or her; some split up using their husbands’ infidelities, other people decided to continue appearances; specific married officers on the armed forces, others was required to suffer the latest disappearance away from family members during the dictatorship. Hence, despite different biographies and you may personalities, which generates ongoing quarrels one of them, ultimately they have the ability to discover, match and you can supplement one another. He has suffered lightweight losses into the sense thinking, however, each of them keeps a different complaint, so a single run out of are formulated from the group-friends. Such as for example, the one that is not paying attention checks out into one which doesn’t look for. Thus, it manage to put together a lives system one entirely ignores the newest problems it endure. The brand new afternoons admission also it seems that absolutely nothing inside their life transform, till the loss of one of them makes them go through a time period of apparent sales.